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In 1898, a scottish sailor by the name of Edward Le Roy fashioned a few old canvas windjammer sails to protect himself from the daily abuse handed out by the 'Roaring Forties'. He did not know it, but he had created what all Australians now know as the first ever Driza–Bone® Oilskin Coat. Over a hundred years on, Driza–Bone® is now a household name.

Located in sunny Queensland, half way between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, Driza–Bone® operates from what was once a local country pub. One of the largest employers for the local community, our manufacturing capabilities are unrivalled and with over 100 years of practice, its no wonder.

It might also explain why Driza–Bone® are one of the few remaining Australian clothing manufacturers; understanding the punishment our harsh Australian climate can deliver, the evolution of our range has flourished with styles that cater for a vast array of people and conditions.

Many other stories can be told about the legend, so check out use the links to the left to see what it is that makes the name Driza–Bone® synonymous with Australia, and loved by Australians the world over.

What's so Special About the Driza–Bone® Fabrics?


This 12oz. fabric made from 100% cotton is impregnated with a wax compound (consisting mostly of paraffin wax). This fabric is extremely warm, wind breaking and highly water repellent rain. Coat can be re–oiled with Driza Bone Garment Dressing when necessary to maximise use from garment and maintain water repellence.


This 6oz. fabric made from 100% cotton is impregnated with a wax compound but is a lighter alternative to the heavyweight oilskin. This fabric is still quite water repellent and is good for those looking for an oilskin but something not so heavy.


This 4oz. fabric consists of 65% cotton and 35% polyester and is dry–oiled. Jackets made with this material are only recommended to be worn in light showers for short periods of time and is not quite as warm as an oilskin – this is a great lighter option.


This 6oz. fabric is made from 100% cotton and is treated with a Teflon coating. The feel and colour range of this fabric is what makes it appealing. Whilst being lightweight and showerproof it also looks good. The garment may be lightly sprayed with a Teflon or scotch–guarding spray to maintain the water repelling qualities of the fabric.


This fabric is made from polyester and is treated with a Teflon coating to maintain the condition of the fabric. It has a soft feel and is not recommended for wearing in rain.


Moleskin is a tightly woven 100% cotton cloth with a Teflon coating to maintain the fabric; it is brushed to create a soft velvety feel. It is soft and comfortable to wear yet very durable and hardwearing.


This fabric is waterproof, windproof & breathable. This fabric is not laminated or treated with chemical coatings that will eventually wash away. Instead the individual fibres are encapsulated with silicone–based polymers, leaving a highly water repellent material that has a great look and a soft feel.


This thermal insulation provides a high level of warmth at minimal weight. It keeps you warm, dry & comfortable without being bulky.