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Building Your Uniform
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Who Needs A Uniform Policy

The appearance of employees reflects the image of your company and has a significant impact on the way it is viewed by your customers, employees and the general public.

Clever companies aim to provide employees with comfortable and professional uniforms that project a good image and comply with Occupational Health and Safety guidelines.

A uniform policy gives employees within your organisation clear guidelines as to the garment styles in their uniform and their uniform entitlements. A Uniform Policy may be as little as one page, however most uniform policies are at least a few pages long.

Below are a few examples of uniform policies from various organisations around Australia. Smarter Clothing has also prepared a Draft Uniform Policy as a guideline for organisations without a uniform policy.

A PDF version of the Smarter Clothing Draft Uniform Policy appears in our free Uniform Info Kit

Click here to download Smarter Clothing's Uniform Info Kit

Sample Uniform Policies

Smarter Clothing Draft Uniform Policy

WGCMA (Single page Uniform Policy)

Shire of Roebourne (3 page Uniform Policy)

Toowomba City Council (7 page Uniform Policy)

Norwich & Norfolk (Hospital Uniform Policy)