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A PDF version of the Smarter Clothing Draft Uniform Policy appears in our free Uniform Info Pack.

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The appearance of employees reflects the image of our company and has a significant impact on the way we are viewed by [customer]’s, employees and the general public. The [customer] aims to provide its employees with comfortable and professional uniforms that project a good image and comply with Occupational Health and Safety guidelines.


Employees should always be dressed neatly and appropriately for the type of work they perform.  Current uniforms must always be worn when on duty and should be kept well maintained.  All aspects of the uniform must be worn.  Under no circumstances, is a superseded uniform to be worn.

Every employee must adhere to the Uniform Policy and Procedure.  Managers are responsible for ensuring that these guidelines are met.  The standards apply to all store employees – full-time and part-time. 

In the event that any employee arrives for work in a way that is not in line with this policy, their Manager will advise them that they are not dressed or groomed appropriately to perform their duties, on the first occasion.  They will be given the opportunity to address the issues immediately, and if necessary, to return home to change (the time to travel and change will not be paid).  Any deliberate breaches of this policy could result in disciplinary action being taken against the employee.  Any further incidents will be considered in breach of company policy and further action in accordance with the company Performance Management policy will be taken (please refer to ‘Your Guide to Human Resources Policies and Procedures’).

Uniforms will be supplied to relevant staff and will remain the property of [customer], however full responsibility for maintenance and cleanliness will remain with the employee, including exchange of damaged uniforms.

[customer] requires a high standard of personal presentation and grooming. A uniform will be supplied to all front-line staff and must be worn at all times during actual work hours, each trading day (including weekends), and in accordance with the following policy and procedure.

Uniform Items

New employees are entitled to the following items for their first order. Any subsequent order will be determined on a needs basis only. Every order must be approved by their Manager.

Site and Field Staff

You will be supplied with:

Garment Style Group    Annual Entitlement


Lower Garments






Safety shoes




Raincoat (If required)




How to wear the uniform:

•    Polar fleece vest and jacket can be worn in cold weather.
•    Raincoat can be worn in wet weather.
•    Sun hat should be worn at all times when outside in warm weather.
•    Safety shoes must be worn at all times to ensure the safety of the employee – no other shoes are to be worn.

Ordering Garments for New or Existing Staff

Please ensure that all uniform orders for new staff are ordered in the first week of their employment. 

Smarter Clothing processes orders every Friday and Orders will then be packed & dispatched within 2 days (conditions apply).

Before ordering garments, please ensure you use the online Smarter Fitting Guide and Smarter Tape Measures provided, to minimise exchanges. 

It is very important that all employees try out their clothing for size, after they receive delivery, as no returns or exchanges will be accepted after 7 days of employee receipt of clothing.

Branch Administrators are to place all orders. Regional Managers will authorise their respective order online every week.

Some of [customer]’s garments are made to order (M2O) overseas. These styles will be warehoused by Smarter Clothing. In the event that stock of any size is exhausted you will be advised when to expect the item to be delivered.

We will at all times endeavour to ensure that our stock supply is adequate and that this does not happen.

Any orders for existing staff are to be approved by the Line Manager on a needs basis only. All other terms and conditions mentioned in this policy apply.


Jewellery should be discrete and professional in appearance. Ear piercings are acceptable, provided the jewellery is of a conservative and professional nature, such as studs and sleepers. In order to maintain a safe workplace, wearing facial piercings other than in ears is not permitted (ie nose rings, eyebrow rings, tongue, etc).


Hair should be worn in a neat and tidy fashion and be of a discrete and professional colour and style.  If Occupational Health and Safety rules require it, long hair should be worn tied back.


Tattoos, that could be perceived to be offensive, should be discretely covered (e.g. tattoos of naked men/women, skulls or daggers dripping blood, etc).

National Garments

National costume and garments worn to comply with religious requirements are acceptable as long as they do not pose an Occupational Health and Safety risk and are neat and modest.

Pregnant Employees

Pregnant employees are expected to adhere to the company dress standards.  If larger garments are required, please order these from Smarter Clothing. 

If garments no longer fit, staff may purchase suitable garments that are similar to the uniform and have them embroidered with the [customer] logo.


If garments do not fit correctly, please send them back to Smarter Clothing with a completed Return & Exchange Form, within 7 days of receipt.

Staff Purchases of Extra Items

Orders for garments in excess of entitlements are permitted. Log on to Smarter Clothing’s AMS site and select the Personal Order mode. Personal Orders must be paid by credit card.

Returning Old Uniforms

Upon termination the uniform must be returned in full.



•    Treat the uniform with care.
•    Wear the uniform at all times during work hours.
•    Ensure that the uniform is kept clean and presentable at all times. Shirts should always be neat and ironed.
•    Ensure the uniform is replaced if it becomes faded, ripped or torn.


•    Order uniforms for staff on a reasonable as needs basis.
•    Ensure staff comply with the letter and spirit of the policy.
•    Authorise all applicable orders online in a timely manner.

Human Resources

•    Ensure the letter and spirit of the policy is followed.
•    Provide guidance and coaching to employees and managers on Uniform Policy and Procedure.

Procurement Officers

•    Ensure the letter and spirit of the policy is followed.
•    Place and all orders via AMS.


The steps that must be taken in ordering uniforms are:

•    Procurement will organize your entitled uniform when you start at [customer].
•    Uniforms, or components of, will be replaced on an as needs basis, if authorised by the line manager.
•    If the stock does not fit correctly, immediately contact procurement to organise return and replacement. They will then contact Smarter Clothing on your behalf.
•    All employees are to return uniforms on termination, along with other company property to their manager.  Employees are required to pay for the replacement costs of non-returned uniforms.